Sunday, May 3, 2009

Vault has ten new fragrances and a new $70.00 bottle!


This is David, Neil’s business partner and friend writing this entry to Fragrant Dreams. May celebrates the one year anniversary of the introduction of the Neil Morris Vault fragrances which have been so well received by all of our fragrance friends. I have two big announcements to make concerning the Vault that I think you will all find exciting. We are launching a new one ounce (30 ml) spray bottle of all of the Vault parfums which will retail for $70.00 and we are adding ten incredible new scents to the Vault as well!

During the past year we have discovered that most of the people who purchase a Vault fragrance actually purchase multiple fragrances. And we had many requests to offer the scents in a smaller size in order to allow folks to build a fragrance wardrobe without breaking the bank. So as of today we will be replacing the current two ounce (60ml) bottle with a one ounce (30 ml) spray bottle for $70.00. At $70 for a one ounce bottle of parfum this is an incredible value considering that each bottle contains roughly three times the amount of fragrance oil as commercial fragrances. The Neil Morris signature line of fragrances are not affected by this change and will remain in the two ounce size.

Neil has also been busy at work creating some beautiful new scents. Being a niche perfume company we, can be a little more agile than the “big boys” in the industry so we are offering all ten new scents on our website starting today. The new scents are City Rain, Earthtones #4: Red Sky, Leather Garden, Mariner, Midnight Forest, Mystic Dragon, Prowl, Rumi, Vanille Rosé, and Vapor. For what it’s worth, City Rain has replaced Earthtones # 2: Desert Wind as my current favorite and Leather Garden and Midnight Forest are close contenders. With these ten new scents there is definitely something for everyone. You can check out all of the new scents at

Neil and I hope you enjoy the new scents and appreciate the new size for the Vault fragrances. Thank you so much for all of your wonderful support!


David Garten


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