Monday, September 22, 2008

Launch of Neil Morris For Takashimaya New York perfume!


We are launching the Neil Morris for Takashimaya New York fragrance on Wednesday with a breakfast for the media. In keeping with our value of our loyal fans, David and I would like to invite you to a sneak peak (or whiff in this case) the night before the official launch.

We will be at Takashimaya New York (693 5th Ave by 54th St) from 5-7pm this Tuesday September 23rd. Be the first to try this new scent that we think puts a whole new spin on the concept of East meets West.

I am so honored to have been asked by my friends at Takashimaya to create a scent exclusively for them. I wanted to create a scent that would encompass the beauty and serenity of the Japanese culture and also incorporate the stylish sophistication of Fifth Avenue.

Neil Morris For Takashimaya New York opens with top notes of Black Currant, Mandarin, Bergamot and Aldehydes for a sparkling and fresh introduction. Heart notes include Plum Blossom, Jasmine Tea, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Bamboo and Dossinia Orchid, accented with the passionate scent of Narcissus. A precious base note of Cedar is enriched with accents of Oak, Tonka, Orris and Oud for a warm, sophisticated finale.

If you would like I can sign your purchased bottle as well. David, Ida, Catherine, and I have been wearing this scent for weeks and it smells wonderful on both men and women!

Also, I would like to thank Abigail from “I Smell Therefore I Am” for the wonderful interview we did a few weeks back and posted on

I hope to see you on Tuesday! Thank you all for the support that you continue to give us. We are so truly thankful!

Fragrance Dreams,



Miami Mark said...

I can't be there tonight for the premiere but I am wearing a sample of this new one.
This scent brings to mind meditating in a Japanese garden as you feel the breeze wafting the plum and cherry trees bursting with fruit before you notice the Cedar and Oak surrounding you. This is going to be a winner of a fall scent for both men and women in my opinion. it certainly is going to be for this man.

Scentman said...

Hi Mark!

Thanks so much for your comment! Your description is exactly what I was going for!!! The launch was great and everyone loved the scent. I'm very grateful. Glad you're enjoying it!!


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