Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Vault Fragrances Are Launched!


Ok, you asked for it! The Vault fragrances have been launched on our website! Well, some people might think it’s crazy to launch more than 40 fragrances at one time and have them only available on line. But true fragrance lovers from all over the world have told us (and proven) otherwise.

I keep hearing from perfumistas that they are clamoring for rare and unusual fragrances. I feel the same way! I used to travel all over looking for the scents that were not available at conventional fragrance counters. Well now thanks to the internet, we not only are able to create wonderful communities online where we can all share our passion for beautiful fragrances, we can also purvey and purchase scents with the click of a button.

The Memories of India series has some very exotic scents including Ghandara, that my friend Gabrielle flipped over two years ago. There are fragrances based on trips to Hawaii as well as Finland. Izmir was created after a conversation I had on MUA with Zekiye from Turkey.

I had Ida (Chaya) over for a visit last year and gave her a bunch of these scents for her to enjoy. She asked if I would mind if she sent some of them to friends knowing who would enjoy which ones. As I have learned, never underestimate Ida. Little did I know the extent of her global fragrance network! Suddenly I’m getting emails from all over the U.S., Italy, France, Holland, Australia, England, and Russia asking where these scents may be purchased. When David and I started this company we said we were going to listen to the fragrance lovers, to trust our instincts and do what you wanted. Not focus groups, not research companies, not industry-to-industry trends. Just you. So we hope you enjoy the Vault! You can order samples to try out the scents and hopefully you’ll find some FBW scents that are as unique as you are.


Fragrant Dreams!


kathleen said...

I have been awaiting this moment with breath that is bated. My shopping cart is already loaded with scents for me to try and treats for friends. One question, 'cause there's always something with me, what has happened to Skincense? I don't think I've seen it on there. Thanks Neil & David

Scentman said...

Hi Kathleen!

Thanks for writing! We decided to put up 42 of the current 51 Vault scents. We'll be adding more in time. Meanwhile, if you'd like Skincense or any other sample/bottle that is not yet listed, simply order a different sample/bottle and in the comments, tell us which one you'd really like.

Fragrant Dreams!


chayaruchama said...

Ain't you a sweeeet thang....

I'd do it again, in a heartbeat.
It's marvellous to see the accolades for your work come rolling in.
You earned it, the hard way;
And you never compromised your integrity, either.

My kind of folk, baby.